I'm Ravi Doshi, co-founder and head of trading.

Thank you for reaching out to us!

To begin trading, we'll first need to verify your information with one of our onboarding forms. To complete this process, you'll need the following.

1. A copy of your state-issued ID or Passport


2. IRS form:

3. Corporate formation documents (if you're applying on behalf of a business)


Onboarding Forms

Once you have these items handy, please complete one of our required onboarding forms below.

Once submitted, you will receive a link via email to e-sign your application.


We will run a background check and a final email will arrive (within 24 hours) when you are approved for trading. 


Once verified, we will create a designated chat group for you in Signal Messenger, where you can trade via voice or text messages. Please note that the minimum trade size is $100,000 USD and all trades settle same-day.


We look forward to trading with you!



Best Regards,


Ravi Doshi

Head of Trading

Email us at [email protected] to learn more.

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